Moving Forward with Reinvention and a Retreat!

I haven’t been around as much lately since I’ve been keeping busy with my reinvention ideas. 

Annoucement!  One of my reinvention ideas is coming to fruitition with the assistance of a co-host who is also a life coach.

Last coaching session, my personal coach told me to focus on the magic that is happening to me, instead of the “work” that I so not want to do any longer.  Well, here I go! Magic is happening!

Today, I’ve announced a women’s only weekend retreat in Safety Harbor, Florida, at the one and only Safety Harbor Resort & Spa!  

Wishful Reinvention Weekend Retreat

As with the creation of this blog and my Project Reinvention Meetup site, the weekend retreat was created because there are absolutely none like it in our area. 

So here is my selfish plug….any women out there in the Tampa Bay area (or anywhere for that matter), looking to get away for a relaxing, rejuvenating weekend with other like-minded women,  please join us!  You can find retreat details on my Project Reinvention Meetup Group link below.  Join the Meetup group as a member for further details!  It’s a steal of a deal!



Remember Karma


Lynne Spreen is on point with this post!  Empowerment; how are YOU going to use it?

Any Shiny Thing

There’s something about turning 50 or being close to it that allows you to benefit from your hard-won experience. This is a time when our life lessons come home.

I remember when I was in my 20s and 30s thinking I had everything figured out. But now at almost 60? No comparison. In our younger years, we’re just gathering data. Then at some point our vision clears, and we’re able to assimilate it. Dr. Christiane Northrup would say that it’s because of our changing levels of hormones.

She believes that these hormones were responsible for keeping us complacent and placid during the years that we’re fertile. Otherwise, we might go crazy and do something bad to our babies or our mate. Then at a certain point your reproductive ability diminishes and the fog clears (again, this is according to her hypothesis).

The woman now has new perspective, and along with it…

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Repeat After Me…

For all those ‘followers’ out there, every morning when you rise,


Break away!  Let us all become what we are truly meant  to be! 

Getting Started by Mark Twain

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.  The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one.”

 – Mark Twain

This was this morning’s quote for my Meetup group.  It’s a very simple message yet very powerful.  I have often found myself running in circles when I have a huge task that overwhelms me.  Picture a circling boat without a captain at the helm; round and round we go.   You get the idea.   

How do you break overwhelming tasks down?  Lists!  Ingenious, isn’t it?

This vision I have for my next chapter of my life has so many moving pieces, not only am I impatient to go through the process, I’m really not sure where to begin. 

Thank you Mark Twain!  I’m going to start making some lists. 

Words to Remember

I want to feel alive!

This is statement that came out of my last coaching session and it has really resonated with me.  Yes!  I want to feel alive! 

This life coaching process is kind of like therapy (only a lot cheaper) and I’m really diggin’ it.  My seasoned coach asked me a ton of questions that I’ve never really given much thought to before, one of which was something along the lines of “what makes you feel alive?”  I really had to think about that before I could answer.  After feeling so lost this past 18 months, the only response I could come up with was “Yes!  I want to feel alive!”

Digging deep into your true self and peeling back the layers is not an easy thing to do; this I am discovering.  Hey, when was the last time anyone asked you “what do you really want to do?!”  Think about it for a few minutes and try answering.  It’s not as easy as it may seem.

 It’s like we’re on the gerbil wheel of life and you keep spinning, spinning, just going through the motions.  I believe it is so true that we are innately programmed to do the right thing, even if it is not something that brings us joy or fulfillment.  We just stay on the gerbil wheel ’cause it’s what you are supposed to do. 

It certainly doesn’t help when we are surrounded by friends and family who unknowingly (and unintentionally) feed us with negative energy and limiting beliefs that make us feel obligated or even guilty for wanting something more.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told to “suck it up”.   

I’ve got two pages of “life purpose” exercises that I will read again today (for the umpteenth time) and I will try to dig a little deeper to find some answers.   Personally, it’s more fun writing about this struggle than having to actually deal with it.    


On my Facebook account, one of the very few apps I have installed is a daily inspirational message app.   Each morning, I read these little messages as a little jump start to my day.  In these past few weeks, they have been so on point, I am less and less inclined to think these are coincidental, considering where I am in my life right now.  Here is today’s message:

Change is the very nature of life – welcome it.

No glass ever became sand again; No bread ever became wheat; No ripened fruit ever became a flower.  Welcome change, and choose what kind of glass you create, what kind of bread you bake, what kind of fruit you harvest.

I do believe the Universe is trying to tell me something.

What am I doing here anyway?

Okay, it’s Wednesday.  Here I am, day three of this new blog and it’s time to start writing.  What’s this all about, this “Project Reinvention”? 

Here’s the dirt:  A little over a year ago, I woke up one day and while I was getting ready for work, suddenly I just did not want to go. I started thinking, what the heck am I doing?!  This can’t be what I was made for! This is not what I was put on this earth to do! The more I thought about it, the more I seemed to fall into a serious funk.  Every day that crappy feeling was growing, manifesting into this obsession.

You see, I am a commercial real estate paralegal and I used to work for BIG law firms, complete with BIG paychecks but also complete with BIG billing requirements and BIG stress levels.    Well, the BIG stress levels and BIG billing requirements were starting to tick me off.  The prior year I had busted my butt for a firm, supporting multiple practice groups, multiple attorneys (“fish food” was what a fellow colleague described me as), only to sit at the year-end review table and be told what a great job I did, everybody loves working with me, the clients love me, but… “Lynn, it’s a numbers game; you know that.”   I’m sure I don’t have to spell out the rest. 

Can you say “fire in my belly”?!!  That was the day that everything changed for me.  As Diane Keaton said in Baby Boom “the rat race is gonna have to get along with one less rat”.  I was not going to be part of the rat race any longer.  I was done!  SO, like a responsible good girl, I planned my exit strategy and over the next seven months I did just that; I planned, plotted and I made my exit.  I left the big firm scene and accepted a position with a sole practitioner, took a BIG cut in salary, a BIG cut in benefits and left the BIG stress behind me.   

Here’s the reality:  It is 5 ½ months later.  I got exactly what I wanted (well not exactly, but most would say it’s not too shabby) and with respect to the job/career, I pretty much have it made in the shade for all intents and purposes.  But, that’s not the end of the story by any means.   Why do I STILL feel like my life was meant for something else and why am I so obsessed with searching for it???  This Blog is part of my quest to try and find myself, find my God given purpose and get moving toward living that purpose. 

That’s the beginning of the story and this Blog is part of the journey.

5 Lessons Learned from Oprah

Here is a terrific post from Gina Amaro Rudan, an executive life coach and the author of PRACTICAL GENIUS:  The Real Smarts You Need to Get Your Passions and Talents Working for You.   Below is a paraphrasing of Gina’s “take-away” after she attended O Magazine’s Live your Best Life Weekend. 

Powerful message!
1. Live boldly.
Sometimes you have to take risks, conquer fears and then you realize the more chances you take, the bolder my life becomes and the bolder your life becomes, the greater the rewards.

2. Fill your cup first before you fill the cup of others. Why is it that we take care of our mothers, our husbands, our children, our cats and dogs before we even begin to think about our own needs? Why, why, why?  Fill your cup first ladies.  And remember, you are really doing a disservice to everyone you love by continuing the role of sacrificial lamb, so stop!

3. Your work needs to be your play and your play needs to be work. It’s a simple lesson to learn and once you start living it, it’s so true. Make your work your play and your play will be your work.  This will be life changing when you experience this shift. This may mean that you have to make a career change which can be scary. But even scarier is not living your very best life.

4. Be the master of your own destiny. In the novel of your life, remember you are the author and no one else.  Instead of allowing others to write the next chapter in the story of your life, begin to write it yourself. We give our futures away and leave it in the hands of others.  Take your destiny into your own hands and make the choices your intuitive side knows is best.  And if anyone tells you otherwise, send them to you know where.

5. Find time to be still. This year Oprah decided to practice the art of being still and has grown significantly because of it.  Like Oprah, most of us are living a mile a minute life and it really is too much.  We are all victims of this overextended disease at one time or another.   How about starting your own “be still” crusade?  Every morning before you start your day, take some time to practice stillness and quiet.  For it is only when we are still that a new idea can be born.

You can read more of Gina’s blog postings at: