Lynne Spreen is on point with this post!  Empowerment; how are YOU going to use it?

Any Shiny Thing

There’s something about turning 50 or being close to it that allows you to benefit from your hard-won experience. This is a time when our life lessons come home.

I remember when I was in my 20s and 30s thinking I had everything figured out. But now at almost 60? No comparison. In our younger years, we’re just gathering data. Then at some point our vision clears, and we’re able to assimilate it. Dr. Christiane Northrup would say that it’s because of our changing levels of hormones.

She believes that these hormones were responsible for keeping us complacent and placid during the years that we’re fertile. Otherwise, we might go crazy and do something bad to our babies or our mate. Then at a certain point your reproductive ability diminishes and the fog clears (again, this is according to her hypothesis).

The woman now has new perspective, and along with it…

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  1. Lynne Spreen says:

    Hi, Lynn, thank you for the compliment of reposting my blog. Isn’t the picture of Benazir Bhutto just so compelling? It’s like she knew what lay ahead but chose to make her stand anyway. That’s a lesson for all of us.
    Best wishes in your reinvention. Fifty is a FANTASTIC age!!

  2. A Visionary says:

    Hello, Lynne, I thank YOU for writing such a wonderful post! It is inspiring and thought provoking. I’m getting really charged up about what is ahead of me! 🙂

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