5 Lessons Learned from Oprah

Here is a terrific post from Gina Amaro Rudan, an executive life coach and the author of PRACTICAL GENIUS:  The Real Smarts You Need to Get Your Passions and Talents Working for You.   Below is a paraphrasing of Gina’s “take-away” after she attended O Magazine’s Live your Best Life Weekend. 

Powerful message!
1. Live boldly.
Sometimes you have to take risks, conquer fears and then you realize the more chances you take, the bolder my life becomes and the bolder your life becomes, the greater the rewards.

2. Fill your cup first before you fill the cup of others. Why is it that we take care of our mothers, our husbands, our children, our cats and dogs before we even begin to think about our own needs? Why, why, why?  Fill your cup first ladies.  And remember, you are really doing a disservice to everyone you love by continuing the role of sacrificial lamb, so stop!

3. Your work needs to be your play and your play needs to be work. It’s a simple lesson to learn and once you start living it, it’s so true. Make your work your play and your play will be your work.  This will be life changing when you experience this shift. This may mean that you have to make a career change which can be scary. But even scarier is not living your very best life.

4. Be the master of your own destiny. In the novel of your life, remember you are the author and no one else.  Instead of allowing others to write the next chapter in the story of your life, begin to write it yourself. We give our futures away and leave it in the hands of others.  Take your destiny into your own hands and make the choices your intuitive side knows is best.  And if anyone tells you otherwise, send them to you know where.

5. Find time to be still. This year Oprah decided to practice the art of being still and has grown significantly because of it.  Like Oprah, most of us are living a mile a minute life and it really is too much.  We are all victims of this overextended disease at one time or another.   How about starting your own “be still” crusade?  Every morning before you start your day, take some time to practice stillness and quiet.  For it is only when we are still that a new idea can be born.

You can read more of Gina’s blog postings at:  http://genuineinsights.com/


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